Collection: Fajas Salome

About Us

Fajas Salome is a Colombian brand born in 2001 as a micro business located at El Jardín of Cali Valle City. On 2004 thanks to the hard work of every one of its members it gains recognition, rising the demand of the Colombian Compression Girdles and widening their market. Thanks to the entering of a new partner, it was possible to open two new selling point on the country.

Consequently, working spots were open for more people, who collaborate with their workforce at tailoring high quality compression garments, achieving its evolution to medium business and by 2007 it opened working spaces for 100 more people, generating work for older people, disable people and single mothers.

After that, borders were open to take the quality of a post-surgery Colombian compression garment to the international market, making Confecciones Salome Ltds. Pioneer at exporting Body Shapers, and placing themselves as one of the three first faja exporting business in Colombia. Later they became part of two national and international event such as COLOMBIAMODA and CALI EXPOSHOW, allowing them to be known by providers and new clients.

Today, Confecciones Salome Ltda., are placed as one of the most solid business in the market highlighting their quality, design and employing over 400 people. This growth has allowed them to support nonprofit organization like Fides, Teletón Colombia and National Police Force.

The brand is also involved on the caring and preservation of the environment, through recollection of solid trash programs, reasonable water use and energy on their different processes and staff capacitation about environment subjects. This labor defines Salome as a business with a huge social responsibility sense, because not only takes care of all the financial aspects but also about the improvement of life quality.